Localized Sounds / Styles for the KORG Pa-700 & Pa-1000 Keyboards

The journey of localized sounds and styles was initiated in association with KORG by Furtados Music to support keyboard performers who look for authentic Indian sounds & styles on their keyboard for performances. The initial model launched was Pa600IN in 2012 which was KORG’s first localized music keyboard.

And now KORG has come up with a fresh new set of local music sounds and styles for its new line of professional Arranger Keyboard – The Pa700 and Pa1000.

Continuing to preserve our very own Music Heritage

With the launch of these 2 models, Furtados in association with Korg inc. is proud to see its commitment preserve our traditional music heritage and promote local music in India and continue with the Pa700 and Pa1000 – The newest High Performance Arranger keyboards in its acclaimed Pa Series of Professional Arrangers.

Some key features of Pa700 and Pa1000

Both keyboards contain more power than ever before. Plenty of new sounds and numerous long-awaited new features include Defined Nuance Control for enhanced realism. Thus the Pa700 and Pa1000 represent a massive leap forward from the previous Pa Series models and raise the bar of excellence by offering newer and even more realistic sounds and powerful new features.

Pushing the boundaries of local Music

Their ability to add local traditional instrument sounds as well as musical styles that define the music and culture of India in addition to the comprehensive set of rich and varied built-in sounds and features are already included in the Pa700 and Pa1000. This means that even the most demanding and discerning of local musicians and composers will easily derive inspiration and empowerment to push the boundaries of their musicality like never before!

With the technological upgraded OS, Indian set is played from newly introduced Local Banks for each segment wise Sounds, Keyboard Sets, Styles & Multi Pads, leaving in-built sampling memory of 128MB & 400MB for Pa-700 & Pa-1000 respectively for the user to create their own data based on samples. 

With the new set of traditional localized sounds and styles available at your fingertips in a slim, professional looking design and affordable price, the result is a musical powerhouse that packages technological magic with traditional music history into a cool, user-friendly keyboard that sets the standard for Arranger Workstations in India that is sure to thrill local audiences and delight players of all generations.

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