Laney Releases Versatile A Series Amps: A-Fresco & A-Duo

Laney’s acoustic catalog primarily started off with the LA series of amps that were designed in a very vintage fashion. They then took production value a notch above when they introduced the A1+ and now, they finally committed to the A series range by introducing new product entrants such as the A-Fresco and A-Duo. No longer do you have to worry about getting decent monitoring at smaller indoor venues. Acoustic amps like the A-Fresco and A-Duo was designed to make amplification simpler in such circumstances. These amps were designed in alignment for singer-songwriters and acoustic performers who desire good tone, decent monitoring and ease of portability.

The A-Fresco has a 1 X 8” driver that powers upto 30 Watts while the A-Duo is its bigger brother with 2 X 8” drivers that delivers a powerful 60 Watt output. Both these amps support 2 channels and accept both Mic (XLR) and Guitar (TRS) inputs. You can also independently control effects such as Reverb, Chorus for both channels. Guitarist who already have an effect pedal/s can route them via the send return option as well.

The awesome part about these amps are that they can even run on batteries that last for as long as 24 hours! It is also supplied with an adapter so no stress there. The DI at the back of the amp can route both pre and post. Thus giving you freedom to use this as just an amp, or a monitor or even a public speaker! There is a pole mount hole at the bottom of the unit to mount this into a Public Speaker.

Laney also decided to add in an Auxillary In and a Headphone Out for those looking to use this as a practice amp. Another notable feature is that you can choose from 4 different EQ shapes via the Shape button.

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