Korg PC-1 Clip-on Guitar Tuner

Creating the world’s first handheld electronic tuner more than 35 years ago. Korg has been committed to creating the highest-quality tuners and metronomes available.

Korg’s continued commitment to innovation and technological leadership has allowed Korg tuners and metronomes to excel in accuracy, response time, and reliability.

Korg remains dedicated to using the latest technologies to create the finest electronic musical products, and empowering musicians to sound their very best.

Sold over 20 million tuners across the world. The difference is quality.

The Pitchclip brings a big name to tuners. KORG has been making lots of fine products and this is no exception.

Priced towards the higher end of our tuner range, the KORG offers a compact and easy-to-use design. Although, KORG does not have as much pivot points or rotation, it makes up for this with the easy-to-read sharp & clear screen.

Apart from standard black color, this tuner is also available in limited edition color variants.

Mail me on [email protected] for further details.

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