KORG EK-50IN – A league above the rest!

The EK-50IN by Korg is an entertainer keyboard designed to compete with world class professional arrangers with a very attractive price tag. This model in particular keeps in mind the love for Indian music and styles hence including a large collective of 40 exclusive Indian Styles and 40 exclusive Indian Sounds. One can safely conclude that every aspect of the Korg EK-50IN is in fact it’s USP!

In a series of custom playlist hosted by Mr. Gopal Krishnan N, keyboardist , Educator, Trinity College London Academic Consultant, we get to know more about the intricate details of the EK-50IN and how it makes a perfect music instrument for professional performances and keyboard exams. Recommended by top educators of the music industry this is a perfect guide for music teachers, students and music enthusiasts.

The playlist is divided into 4 halves, each half adding an incremental value to the usage of the EK-50IN. In the first section, Mr. Gopal Krishanan N, talks about how the EK-50IN is worth its investment,  explaining the basic setup of the keyboard and detailing’s of the front panel setup. This lays a strong foundation to the surprises that follow. As mentioned by the host, the well light front panel with ease of access to crucial buttons and exceptional style of the Korg EK-50IN is what makes it stand out.

In the second and third section of the series the host explains how to perfect the art of using different styles and voice and keyboard sets respectively. Mr. Gopal customises this explanation for music students by using a classic music exam piece as an example. He also explains the dedicated functions related to voices and keyboard sets. This section of the series explains in detail the crucial parts of the keyboard and how to implement them in the best way possible. Special tips included for grade students by the educator himself.

The final section of the playlist for Korg EK-50IN covers a series of important features and tips for music exam students and serious keyboard lovers. Understanding the effect settings, and everything from saving to adding variations are explained in the same. The video comes to an end with in-depth understanding of 2 very important features of the Korg EK-50IN – the STS ( Single Touch Setting ) and public demand, Indian voices & rhythms.

To enjoy this experience to the fullest and to learn first hand application of the keyboard, you can watch the entire series HERE

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