Korg Arranger Keyboards

Korg Arranger Keyboards (with an exception of recently launched EK-50IN) are known as Professional Arrangers or Performance Keyboards. They are also known as Work-less stations for song writers as these keyboards inspire instant ideas for the writers with the help of its on- board styles & recording capabilities.

Whereas the EK-50 model is known as an ‘Entertainer Keyboard’ that also offers arranger features plus .mp3/.wav/MIDI Song player. It gives limited programming capabilities and is in an affordable price tag while offering the world renowned Korg sound quality derived from their high end models. 

The current generation of Korg arranger keyboards offer the user an excellent quality of sound to perform on stage either as a solo, using keyboard backing band or as a standalone sound synth to play along with the band. For the selection of sounds it offers modes such as, performance or keyboard set list banks. They also offer use of ‘Multi Effects’ on individual sounds & style part separately with send control. Korg arrangers also offer 3 band graphic equalizer for each part, apart from Master Equalizer which is usually offered by all the arranger keyboards.

Korg Arranger keyboard offers a basic 16 track sequencer plus a quick recording mode using styles for song programming. Korg high end Arranger keyboards Pa-700, PA-1000 & Pa-4X offer performance recording feature on board in .mp3 format along with the playback of .mp3 file with capability of pitch shifting & tempo changing in real time.

Furthermore features include Arrpegiators, Multipads, Assignable switches, Sound Controllers which are very useful for creating nuances & expression of the acoustic instrument sound in real time by virtue of DNC Controls.

Top end models like Pa-4X, Pa-1000 & Pa-700 also offer Microphone input with separate effect processor & harmonizer (only on Pa-4X & Pa-1000) to sing along with the keyboard band or Karaoke files. Pa-4X, Pa-1000 & Pa-700 also offer on board sampling features which allow the import of audio files (sounds or drum loops) in different formats like .wav, .aiff, and soundfont apart from the company’s own format to create localized sounds and styles or play audio phrase.

Its multiple on-board switches do not make them a home keyboard but they are very useful for quick real time controls which a live performer requires often.  These keyboards are slightly heavy and bulky compared to its Workstations because of on board speakers and its bass reflex compartment for a good sound on board.

Korg Arranger keyboards work like a multi functional stage performer which can be used to play sounds, one man band, quick song creation and also in worship music without live musicians.

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