Keep Your Guitar in Tune

A lot of beginners these days do not realise the importance of keeping their guitars in tune, at all times. This can be a very bad practice, let me briefly explain why.

Training your ears is the most important element of learning music. One can be well versed with music theory and play songs like a pro but what if you cannot even tell that your guitar is not in tune? Now, imagine this happens at your first gig or that very awkward family gathering where everyone's got their eyes on you, you do not have a tuner or a tuning software. This can be a very embarrassing experience for some of us.

My advice is..get a good guitar (not made from substandard plywood) and buy a decent guitar tuner. Tune your guitar from day one, EVERYDAY. Sooner or later and with some help from other musicians, you will surely learn to tune by ear. Visit to buy some of the best guitar tuners.

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