A digital drum kit having quality sounds in an affordable price range, in its category. It suits best for a practice, live or recording in a studio. With a top-notch USB Control Module, smooth connectivity, and an easy-to-setup experience designed for comfort and playability, the KAT KT2 is the kit for you! Here's all you need to know about the KT2 Digital Kit by KAT percussion:


  • Over 500 studio-grade drum, cymbal and percussion sounds

  • Velocity sensitive sounds for natural dynamic response

  • 45 Total Drum Sets; 30 preset drum kits plus 15 user programmable drum kits

  • 80 play-along tracks with recording ability

  • Built-in MIDI sound library, adjustable click track, mixer and sequencer

  • Individual pad controls, including volume, reverb, panning, pitch and EQ

  • "Learning Mode" builds speed, accuracy and enhances playing precision

  • USB / MIDI output, 1/8" audio input for MP3 use, dual 1/4" output jacks, single 1/8" headphone jack and two trigger inputs

You can buy the KAT KT2 here, or you can look for more options for Digital Drum Kits.

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