Insert & Master Effects on Korg Keyboards

Difference Between Insert (IFX) and Master (MFX) Effects on Korg Workstation/Arranger Workstation Keyboards

In any electronic keyboard, effect plays a very important part in enhancing the sound. On a good workstation/ arranger workstation like (Korg Pa series – Arranger Workstations, Kronos series – Music Workstations), effects can be assigned as Insert and Master separately. Although, most of the keyboardists have doubts about its proper use on their keyboard.

General impression among the user is that, there are separate effect templates (delay, re verb etc.) for IFX and MFX and cannot be used in either. This impression is totally wrong. In fact, effect templates are common but the user needs to decide how he wants to use (IFX or MFX). There is a difference between working of the template on sound, style or sequence. Both can be assigned on no. of tracks, although IFX does not allow user to have different send levels which MFX does.

Different send levels are required when effect send (intensity) is required on different tracks. (e.g. Less in drums, more in other instruments or most in lead instruments. Thereby assigning IFX in different tracks will work perfect but the send level (intensity) will exactly be the same for all the tracks.

Understanding this small difference, correct use and setting of this feature can produce amazing sounds & styles.

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