Importance of changing your guitar strings on a regular basis

Quite often we feel that our guitar string set should last forever. However much to our disappointment this is not the case. In fact, a lot of times strings tend to break at the worst possible moment and that’s when you realize that you do not have an extra packet of strings. How a guitarist deals with these musical emergencies will decide the overall success of his or her near future in the field.

Let’s agree on one thing though, new strings always sound fresh. And whether you are performing in a show or recording, it’s always good to ensure that you have new strings on. Fresh strings have perfect intonation and they sound at their best, hence you will be able to play and sound better and overall it will turn out to be a great experience for the player as well as the listener.

Just bear in mind that as soon as you see that your strings are losing their shine and not sounding fresh, you should change them and in order to so you should always have back up strings ready.

How to take care of your guitar strings

Humid weather is another major factor that goes against the life of guitar strings. You should often clean and lubricate the strings before and after use, whether it’s a practice or a full-fledged show. Strings can render lifeless overnight, if they are not cleaned and lubricated properly.

Use a tissue to properly remove dirt and moisture from the string sets and apply a string cleaner like Planet Waves XLR8 to protect it from extra moisture and probable rust.

Personally I cannot sleep at night if I haven’t cleaned my strings properly and I suggest you be particular about the life and hygiene of your guitar strings too. Clean strings will make you a better guitar player who is excited to practice more often and strive to be the best.

Another important thing to be noted is to clean and condition your fret board before you apply your new strings. While playing, usually a lot of grime is imposed on the wood of the fret board and it is very important to apply lemon oil on your guitar’s fret board (after removing your old strings) and ensure that it is clean and dry before you put on the new strings.

In Conclusion

Always have back up strings, so wherever you are, you have a new string set ready for that worst case scenario. To speed things in such situations, make sure you have a string winder and cutter to not waste time in dicey moments. The Planet Waves, string winder and cutter is a two-in-one item, which can be used for both.

Changing strings on a regular basis will only make you a happier and a more serious guitar player.

Happy Strumming!!!

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