(IFX) v/s (MFX): Effects on Korg Workstation/Arranger Workstation Keyboards

In any electric keyboard, “effects” play a very important part in enhancing the sound of your melody. On the KORG workstations, arranger workstations and entertainer keyboards effects can be assigned as “insert” (IFX) and “master” (MFX) separately. This can be seen on workstations/arranger workstations such as the Korg PA series and the K series or on the entertainer keyboard namely, EK-50 IN (only master effect).

Most keyboard players have doubts about its proper application on their keyboard. Not to worry! This article is specially written to help you all!

The general impression amongst keyboard users is that there exists separate effect templates like delay, reverb etc for IFX and MFX and that this cannot be interchanged for its use. This is a wrong notion. The “effects” templates are common overall and the user has the liberty to choose how they wish to use it i.e. either as IFX or MFX.

There however exists a difference between working of the template on sound, style or sequence. Both IFX and MFX can be assigned on the number of tracks but unlike MFX, IFX does not allow its user to have different “send” (intensity) levels. Different send levels are requeired when effect "send"  (intensity) is required on different tracks.  An example of this is seen, usually less in drums but more in lead instruments where by assigning IFX in different tracks it will work perfectly but the "send" level will remain the same for all the tracks.

Understanding this basic difference and implementing it correctly can help a keyboard artist produce really amazing recorded music.


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