How to Make Guitar Strings Last Longer

Restringing your guitars every month may not be an affordable option for everyone. Moreover, most hobby players are always looking for inexpensive strings that can last long and stay in tune.

Here is a simple and easy tip to make your strings last longer than usual. The biggest problem with strings is corrosion. You will usually notice black or brown spots on your strings which is a sign that you need a string change soon.

Most guitar players wipe their strings with a soft cotton cloth each time they are done playing or practicing. A good string cleaner/lubricant is also highly recommended. If you do not want to invest in one, you can alternatively wipe some lemon oil on your strings every few days. This will not only make your strings feel smooth but will help keep corrosion at bay for some time. 

This is not a foolproof way to make your string last forever but just a DIY method to avoid frequent string changes. Hope this helps!

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