How To Maintain Your Drum Kit

Cleaning and maintenance of drum hardware has to be done in the right way. Because the right sounding drum kit matters. Care for your drums should be done regularly in order to get a great sounding set. There many options available to remove rust, dirt and stains from the stands. You can buy an all purpose spray WD-40 from any local hardware store. The tension rods, claws and small screws can be soaked for about 20-25 minutes and then use a tooth brush to scrub off the rust and the accumulated dust. This also enables easy tuning of toms and getting an equal pitch which otherwise becomes an issue due to the collection of rust and dust. Make sure you do all this wearing a pair of gloves to avoid getting an infection or wound. Oil the tightening area around the screws for smoothness of the stands and hassle-free tuning. Before and after use, just clean the stand with a dry cloth to get rid of the accumulated dust. And polishing before a performance will enhance the look of your drum set on stage. Lastly, keep your hardware out of moisture as that can invite problems to your drum set.

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