How to Hold Drumsticks

One of the most important techniques a drummer must know is how to hold drumsticks properly. Most drummers fail to realize the importance of drumstick grip; ultimately hindering their learning curve. When you play drums with the correct stick grip, you will get the maximum bounce and control out of your drumsticks. You will be able to play the drums with more efficiency and power with the proper grip. The quicker you learn how to hold drumsticks, the quicker you will learn how to play drums.


If you are practicing the wrong way, it will take you much longer to improve your skills. You can try Promark's Select Balance Stick options available to get the experience of balanced sticks. Most common grips being: American grip, French grip, German grip and Traditional grip. No matter what style of drumming you play, it is always good to learn all stick grips. Learning both matched grip and traditional grip, will only further help your control and feel. Once you have these basic grips down, you can start on learning how to play drums!

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