How to Choose Your First Electric Guitar

For any aspiring guitarist, buying his/her first electric guitar is the most important thing. There are very few guitarists who are happy with their first instrument. This is mainly because of the lack of information about the instrument. It is very important to consider your playing style, comfort over the instrument and less of the looks of the electric guitar. It is not always that way though. In fact, there are things beginner guitarists can do to make sure that their first electric guitar is a cherished and a useful one.

Here are some rules that you must follow to get your first electric guitar:

1. Know the Basics Before Buying

If you have never played the guitar before, I'd recommend you not to buy one before gaining some knowledge about it. Otherwise, you'll have absolutely no idea what you're looking for in a guitar. Nothing like you need to be a guitar hero by the time you purchase your first electric guitar. But, having the ability to play a few basic riffs, chords and maybe some tunes that can give you a sense of whether a guitar feels right to play or not. You can also borrow a guitar. Ask your friends, neighbours or acquintances who have an electric guitar with them that they aren't using much. You may also visit any Furtados store and see the variety of electric guitars they have. Trying out different types of guitars will always help you in understand the difference. Spend a couple of months playing someone else's guitar before you go ahead and buy one. You'll be a more informed consumer by the time you spend your money and are more likely to buy the right guitar for you.

2. Don't Buy Your First Guitar Online

Buying an instrument online is quite convenient and a cheaper way of shopping. But there are many reasons why you must rather buy your first guitar by visiting a store.The most important reason why you should visit a store is that you actually will get to play the guitar. This is a huge thing when it comes to buying any instrument. You can't get a feel of the guitar through a computer screen, especially when you're a beginner and have no idea about an electric guitar. Another advantage is that you can take advice from the sales person
as they would have a better knowledge about instruments. They would surely help you in finding the right guitar for your playing style. Find the nearest Furtados store in your area and pick up your first instrument.

3. Spend as Much as You Can Afford

It is very important to set a budget before you plan to buy an electric guitar. A big market has emerged in the past few years that are described as beginner guitars. Beginner guitars tend to be cheap for a reason – they're made of cheaper quality materials. There is no need to buy an expensive guitar at the time of learning the instrument. Understanding your instrument will help you choose a better quality guitar in the future. Although, beginner electric guitars are made of cheaper quality materials, you must take care of the instrument as much as you can. According to me, a budget somewhere between Rs. 15, 000 to Rs. 25, 000 should do well for a beginner guitar.

Hope these above points help you in choosing the right electric guitar and good luck. Practice well!

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