Hohner Harmonicas under Rs. 1000/-

Big Bang Sale is happening on www.furtadosonline.com and Hohner Harmonicas are now available under Rs. 1000/-

1. Hohner, Harmonica, Blues Band – Key C M55901XS

Diatonic harmonica players usually need harps in a variety of keys to be able to play different musical pieces. This harmonica set includes all the keys most commonly needed in blues harmonica.

2. Hohner, Harmonica, Blues Viper – Key C M91500S

Made of plastic with chromed steel side, diatonica harmonica Blues 10 cells, its body (comb) plastic produces a clear, bright tone. It is easily disassembled for maintenance.

3. Hohner, Harmonica, Ocean Star – Key C M254001S

These popular 24-hole harmonicas are serious instruments with a good reputation, from the world's leading Harmonica makers, Hohner. The 48-reed, 24-hole configuration gives a very wide range of over 3 octaves, and is very manageable at 7" long.

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