Hofner Violins – Tradition meets Modern

For over 130 years Hofner Violins have provided musicians a quality and performance level instrument. Their beginner violins are designed and built to match a music student's expectations and give them a professional experience.

Hofner shows brilliant consistency in using traditional methods together with cutting edge technology in order to produce world class instruments and set extremely high quality standards.

Some examples of this classic work of Violins by Hofner can be seen in the Hofner AS-045 series and AS-160E Violin. As part of the traditional design, the violins have a solid spruce top with maple on the back, sides and neck. 

Hofner further takes a level up on this particular series by adding beautiful Ebony fittings on them. The entire musical piece has a gleaming golden brown finish that sets it apart from any other regular violin.

From design to execution, Hofner adds finesse and style to their violins, making it the most desirable musical instrument. The best part? The violin series have an attractive price range for all budgets.

Hofner Violins, a musician's best chance to own and play quality violins.

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