Hercules Stands Loyalty Corner

Hercules stands have everything that you're looking for, when you talk about the best stands in the musical instruments industry, globally. What more interesting is that the artists who trust this brand are not small time bands or musicians. You will automatically be impressed to know that they cater to some of the best brass bands globally, country bands to metal bands and of course everything in between. To name a few- Albert Lee, Dave Mathews Band, Zac Brown Band to name a few. We have the funky bassist, Bootsy Collins and drummer Russ Miller (American Idol) and not to forget the mighty, Megadeth who religiously support Hercules Stands.

Dave Mustane – "I knew the first time that I placed my guitar in a Hercules stand, that it wouldn't be long until I ONLY used a Hercules stand."

Bootsy Collins – "I needed a stand that could stand the roar of the fans, and along with that, handle my main Wo-Man, my Space Bass that is. With Hercules, I got what I need so musicians please, get up off yo knees, this is the One-built-to-be-Funked! Bootsy baby!!!"

Albert Lee – “My guitars are safe in Hercules stands.

Jason Marshall – "Hercules Stands represent the latest and greatest in instrument stand technology. The baritone sax stand is, without question, the best baritone stand on the market. It is secure, compact and practical. Hercules products are superior in every way.

Russ Miller – "I am blown away with the thought put into the Hercules stands. Hercules has managed to advance the Innovation of music and microphone stands that have remained basically the same for many years! They are simple, effective and made extremely well. Road worthy stands with amazing designs, I can't go back to regular music and mic stands, after using Hercules!

Adding to this list is Jesse Liu from the Taiwanese Oriental Metal band CHTONIC is now featured in the OFFICIAL VIDEO of Hercules guitar stands.

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