Hands on Experience on Vox StompLab Series

The StompLab series by Vox is the perfect answer for people who wish to make the best of compact space solutions. The series helps play through 100 presets, tweak and save custom sounds, layer up to eight effects, and step on the expression pedal for real-time control! Fascinating setup indeed.


The wahs are of really strong quality. This makes its owner feel worthy of his/her money. The phaser, flanger, tremolo, rotary, delays, echoes, and verbs together create an excellent structure of the equipment. The compressor effect requires  understanding the manual, which is always a good thing to do in detail and will help a long way. 

A stand out feature of the product would surely be the miniature wah pedal that performs as good as a full-sized pedal. Given that the compact size of the equipment is a mature highlight, this sure is very impressive. Durability and strength of the equipment will have you stunned! The Vox StompLab products are well appreciated amongst musicians for their sound quality and material superiority.


This particular series by Vox are fast selling and market demanded products. Their ease of use makes them popular amongst guitarists across the nation! The products from the StompLab series are indeed worthy of every rupee invested.


The Vox StompLab series is an ideal choice for people looking with small and compact space equipment. The quality and range of functions that Vox brings to the table via this particular series, is impeccable. It is worth the investment and durable to its best standards. A strong recommendation for musicians.

Available in 4 variants: StompLab 1G (Guitar) & 1B (Bass) and StompLab 2G (Guitar) & 2B (Bass)

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