Guitars for Beginners

Guitars have always been popular, across the globe, amongst people eager to explore the world of music. This has made it the world’s most evolved instrument. Besides the traditional 6 string guitar made from wood, music stores across the globe now offer a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials for guitars in all price ranges. Furtadosonline offers a wide selection of guitars manufactured across the globe for customers in India. Whether you are looking for a new acoustic guitar, an electric guitar that can tune itself or nylon string classical guitars, you can be assured that you will find what you’re looking for. Acoustic and semi acoustic guitars are always in demand as they are every beginner’s first choice. Electric guitars are the next step in upgrading your instrument and techniques. Acoustic guitars usually come in 4 shapes – 31/34/38/41 inches. The general thumb rule is that bigger the guitar, more the sound projection. Unlike acoustic guitars, for electric guitars the most important factor is the number of frets or scale length. Buying your first acoustic guitar is very easy, just look for the correct size based on your age and height. On the other hand, when upgrading to an electric guitar one must decide based on style of playing. At this point there are a lot of options that you can explore with the help of a professional guitar player or a product specialist.

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