G Force by Gibson


Like every New Year, 2016 is also about being better than the previous year. I am getting lazier every year and I love playing the guitar, but I hate tuning it every time. I wish somebody just hands me a tuned guitar, and all I have to do is play the instrument. With this unexplainable mindset, I stumble upon the Gibson 2016, high performance range of guitars. Well, what do I say, it tunes itself! No way, not only standard, but 18 different tunings. I am sure there are many guitarists out there who love shredding but hate tuning and changing their guitars while playing songs on different tunings or just don’t play the songs that are on different tunings, as it takes so much time and effort, but the G force on the HP models give you a solution within 5 seconds. Time to worry about carrying multiple guitars for your shows or even studio recordings. I am buying it, and so can you buy the brand new G Force by Gibson.

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