Fun with Furtados!

There are many things one can do in order to make his/her life productive. This is an essential lesson currently. We as a society are going through a time of social distancing as a form of safety. This calls for some “stay at home” period that invokes the importance of making the best of the time we have in hand. Furtados has tried its level best to be your companion for this purpose!

Fun with Furtados is a concept developed to enjoy wholesome activities in association with music from our couch to yours. Music via jam sessions, music through mega sales, music as a part of home learning and reading through your screens! We have you all covered. Join us in a quick review of all that we have in store for you.

The Furtados “ Happiness at Home'' offer zone is a mega sale taking place currently as you read this on the furtados website. This offer is a lockdown specific bumper sale. The best of the brands with some of the post popular products are on HEAVY discounts. Shop now to your heart's content. Boston, Essex, Pearl River, Kayserburg, Korg, Gibson, PRS, Epiphone, Pearl, Mapex and many – many more! This is one of the biggest and best discounts brought to you under one roof! Guitars, Pianos, Keyboards, Drum kits, Violins, Woodwind instruments… we have them all! But you got to hurry! This unbelievable sale is for a very limited time period.

The social media handles of Furtados Music are currently hosting a MAKE MUSIC MAKE HOPE initiative. This gives you a chance to showcase your music talents while sitting at home. You record a video and share it online while tagging us to your post and we share it back on our world of social media. This is our way of joining hands with you, to let the power of music help us unite. Head on to your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter handles and share your contributions as a gratitude to the warriors helping us fight the war against the virus.

While you surf through Instagram to kill time (like most of us) join us on the live sessions conducted with musicians across the world. Our Furtados music Instagram handle hosts one on one candid interviews with your favourite musicians. This is a good chance for you to interact with them and have your questions answered. Fun with music assured! Siddhartha Nagarajan, Darshan Doshi, Gino Banks, Pete Lockett, Aahad Niyani and many more surprise guests on their way. Follow our Furtados music Instagram handle to get live updates!

If you are somebody who intends to work on his/her music skills or learn something new. Furtados School of Music is conducting live music classes especially for you. This is the most productive use of your time. Join us on a spree of fun filled interactive classes by teachers at FSM. The best part? You can take your classes in your pajamas! laugh Head onto Furtados School of Music and schedule your music class. If you are teacher and are looking to teach online, too, you can contact the FSM team to set this up

Lastly, given that you are reading this blog right now, don’t forget to come back and visit our Furtados Blog section. Lot of knowledgeable content on music and music related products, coming your way. Our team of managers and music enthusiasts are curating content in loads to get the music in you going on and on and on and on!!!

If you like our plan of action filled with a lot of fun and a lot of music, join us and be a part of the FUN WITH FURTADOS !  Feel free to give us a call at +91 9152004939 for personal assistance on shopping and offline help.




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