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Aimed at providing quality right brain stimulating activities ranging from speech, drama, dance, music, art & craft, painting and more!


We are all witnessing a digital and virtual revolution which will reinvent India 2.0.

Online learning is the new normal, giving the parents a chance to be more involved with their kid’s education and ensure overall development from the grass root level. Keeping this thought in mind, Furtados School of Music has launched their all-inclusive right brain stimulating online learning platform, called FSMBuddy, which is aimed at providing interactive learning courses across the fields of arts, drama, language and music.

fsmbuddy.com is a venture of Furtados School of Music that helps children and adults enhance their creativity from the comfort and safety of their homes. We connect learners to our community of exciting teachers, who collectively offer a wide repertoire of creativity development courses. The courses are thoughtfully curated to give relevant and modern learning content. Each course is taught completely online, using path breaking and award-winning tools and technologies. The courses span exploration, learning and positive reinforcement of skills, encouraging the learner to be inspired and confident.

 It is a known fact that When children are small, their right brain is actually more active than the left, however once a child enters school, the curriculum is focused on sharpening the left brain, due to which the right brain slows down over time. By the age of 25, the right brain function actually reduces. It is essential to stimulate the child’s right brain in the first 15 years of their life to ensure synergy between the two sides and thus significantly enlarging the whole brain capacity.

Countless benefits are interconnected with the development of right brain skills. It’s a well proven fact picking up a creative skill facilitates and enhances the learning ability in children which is inevitably used in other aspects of life as well. It helps develop the motor social and emotional skills in children along with improving the overall literacy rates as well. Learning a new language helps to improve the grasping power of a child – The right hemisphere of our brain deals with creativity and art while the left hemisphere deals with logic, and aspects such as science and math. Right brain skills such as learning an instrument or painting require the use of both hands, since the nerves of the hands are interconnected to the brain, they help in activating regulation in both left and right hemispheres of the brain. This enhanced regulation of both hemispheres helps boost the academic performance in children.

Every teacher on the FSMBuddy platform is carefully selected to ensure a great learning experience for our students across ages. They aim at providing quality education to their students all over the globe bringing the world closer together. All students enrolled are given the freedom express themselves through their learnings and not shy away to their queries.

Explore the world of creativity with our fabulous new courses taught by our handpicked, ingenious teachers!

A 360° wholesome online learning experience awaits!

Start your online learning journey with FSM Buddy today!

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