Friends Of Furtados With – Arnab Bhattacharya

Arnab Bhattacharya is a young talented Sarod player who drew his inspiration at a tender age from his father Sri Swapan Kumar Bhattacharya. Arnab’s father introduced him to the world of Hindusthani (North Indian) Classical Instrumental Music under the able tutelage of Pandit Buddhadev Dasgupta. 

Arnab’s unique ability to weave the most intricate tonal textures, even at a higher speed, keeping in mind the grammar of The Raaga, sets him apart in the world of Indian Classical Music. In a sense, he has his own signature style, in his performance.

Join us as we get to know more about Arnab Bhattacharya as part of Friends Of Furtados

What do you feel is the best song you have released and why? 

In my opinion, I haven't created my best song as yetthe best is definitely yet to come! However, out of all the releases my favorite song would be “ The Shadows Of The Dark”. It’s a collaborative composition of some super talented musicians from different parts of the world like Nel Bucktower ( Saxophone), Fabrice ( Drums), Sanjar Nakikov ( Piano and Organ ), Ambar ( Bass), and me on Sarod

Which is your most favorite performance upto date? 

A performance in Geneva, Switzerland where got the opportunity to perform in front of 26000 people and another concert in Kuala Lumpur to open an International Jazz Festival

Can you talk a little about your songwriting process? 

For me, I approach songwriting like writing a story, for any new song I write I begin to write a story start to finish. Later I add the melody lines in and decide by feel which instruments would go well and where. Then finally I select the rhythm instruments to add to the blendSo essentially it is the same as writing a story but also different in the sense that I'm using melody and rhythm in place of sentences and words.

What are some up and coming projects you are excited about? 

I am really excited about my upcoming album called called “Shanti” which features 6 tracks. I have been very fortunate to collaborate with many prolific musicians from different parts of the world. It’s still an ongoing process, hopefully we wrap up recording by September this year.

 Do you have any pre concert rituals? 

Not as such, I just always treat each concert performance as if it were the last concert of my life, this pushes me to perform to the very best of my ability, I would like to think that I would live on eternally through my performances. That aside I always thank my father, my Guru and of course, the almighty before every performance for giving me this beautiful life and gift of being a musician.

How have you kept yourself motivated through the pandemic? 

During this pandemic, I practiced all the basics that I had learned years ago and was busy writing new songs, composing new tracks, collaborating with new musicians, and thinking of different concepts.

What is your favorite way to spend time when not composing or playing music?

If I am not composing music the best way to spend time is by playing with my son and spending quality time with my family.

How do you think social media has impacted your music? 

Social media has always been a great tool and asset for me that helps me connect with different people and well-wishers. It mainly serves as a great medium to interact with the people who really take the time to listen to my music, getting to know their opinions and valuable feedback. It also serves as a great PR medium, reaching quality people to showcase my creations to the correct audience.

What do you do when you have an artistic block? 

I always take a break after every song. So that the impact of the last release doesn’t affect the next one. 

Your advice to the younger generation of musicians?

I would say that the key to success is hard work and practice as much as possible in the correct way. One should always have an open mind and always be willing to learn, and most importantly when it comes to music be more of a learner and less of a critic.

Did you ever have to choose between Music and something else? If yes, how did you fight your way back to music? If not, what advice would you give young musicians in that position? 

Coming from a middle-class Bengali family it was difficult to pursue music as a profession. Also being an Engineer there was a time when I had to choose between my corporate life and my passion. Though corporate life meant a steady source of income, I always felt incomplete in that spaceOne day I took the bold step of pursuing my passion of being a musician. I must admit that initial days were not easy, but I can truly say that if you are honest, focused, and passionate about whatever you are doing then it’s just a matter of time before success finds you. Hence the advice I would like to give all youngsters is, to be honest to their craft, and never lose focus. Don’t get distracted by short-term profit, and keep your eyes on the prize.

If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

You are my inspiration and motivation, you guys are the reason I do what I do, thank you. Stay healthy, Stay musical always. Tons Of Love.

To know more about Arnab Bhattacharya check out his Youtube Channel and official website  

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