For Your Wishlist with Siddharth Nagarajan

About Siddharth: 

Siddharth Nagarajan is a born musician. The prodigy highlights his name in the Limca Book of Records for being the youngest drummer of India. A record he created at the age of 2! After that, there has been no stopping for this music sensation. Music compositions, performances, multiple world records Sidharth has mastered it all! Siddharth Nagarajan is by all means a genius musician of his generation. 

For Your Wishlist: 

As a must have on your wishlist I would recommend the Mapex Armory Sabre Snare Drum. This particular snare's sound scape is an all-rounder in almost all aspects. The snapping tone of the wooden snare and the thick beefy attack cuts through all genres of music. One can comfortably use this snare drum for a complete star stopper performance.

Product Name: Mapex, Snare Drum, 14"(35.56 cm) x 5.5"(13.97 cm) Armory Series, Sabre -Walnut


Siddharth Nagarajan Photo Credits: Rootz Studios

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