Faith Guitars: Landing the Right Apollo


Faith guitars are available with a solid tonewood, but the Faith Apollo Series are the guitars you must keep an eye out for as it fits the budget and has a solid top but laminate back and sides. The solid top provides pure tonal resonance and sounds better as it ages as the laminate back and sides ensure strength and longevity. This is a perfect blend of great sound with minimal hassles, suited best for semi-professional guitar players.

There are mainly 3 types of Apollo guitars when it comes to woods used. The forerunner model is just the Apollo Series, followed by the Mahogany Series and the last being the Exotic Cedar/Amara Series. The three are available in different sizes – Baby Jumbo (Neptune), Concert-Cutaway (Venus), Dreadnought (Saturn). All are designed with a pick up and equalizer, with an inbuilt tuner.

Apollo Series (forerunner):

Made of solid Sitka spruce top and laminate mahogany back and sides, which lets the guitar project great sound. The tone is articulate, enhances each note that is played. There is great note separation, ideal for arpeggios and fillers but can be used very well for strumming chords. The solid spruce top is light blonde in shade and looks as beautiful as it sounds. The mahogany back and sides make sure that the guitar has a good balance of tone, which does a great job in making the overall EQ flat. Since the spruce gives it a bell-like eq, i.e. the bass and treble are higher than the mid-range, thus the projecting sound, the mahogany pulls back the ends of the spectrum, making the midrange come out better. Strumming or picking this guitar too hard may not be a good idea, as the sound may be  extremely piercing. This guitar is an all-rounder, a favoured guitar to many guitar players.

Most common model is the FAV – Faith Apollo Venus

All Mahogany Apollo Series:

This guitar is solid mahogany on top and laminate mahogany on the back and sides. Using Mahogany for both the top and body of a guitar makes for a very “friendly” instrument that responds well to hard picking, strumming and finger-style techniques alike. Further to this, the sound produced is unburdened by overly audible overtones and harmonics, so they perform brilliantly when recording.

Faith All-Mahogany models deliver a clear, linear tone which is very sweet and earthy with plenty of mid-range giving it a well-rounded EQ.

Most common model is the FAVMG – Faith Apollo Venus Mahogany

Cedar Top/Exotic Amara Back and Sides:

Here comes the exotic range. Hardly known, the exotic Amara wood is used on the back and sides for this guitar with solid cedar wood on the top. Cedar is a dark wood that provides a rounded tone with the right tinge of overtones, ideal for strumming. Mainly used for its soothing tonal properties and ideal for the singer-songwriter in you. The exotic Amara very slightly pushes back the twang that the cedar lacks, and looks aesthetically stunning with the dark top. This guitar is ideal for fingerstyle playing.

Most common model is the FAVCA – Faith Apollo Venus Exotic

Faith Luthier Patrick James Eggle explains:

“Music-making should be available to as many people as possible, and so it is with this in mind that we created Faith Apollo.

Each instrument uses a gloss-finished, solid top, which is an absolutely essential ingredient for any great guitar. I have also chosen to use a fingerboard with a smaller radius than other Faith Guitars which allows an easy transition from electric to acoustic guitar with a particular focus on increased comfort when barring chords and strumming.”

To know more, look up the Faith Apollo series on and a Furtados store near you!

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