Evans Level 360 Heads

A D’Addario innovation that has challenged all the others. Now, all Evans heads are available with this technology. From the highest toms down to the depths of your bass drum, Level 360 Technology has started a revolution. Over the last year, Level 360 has set a new standard for the tuning experience and tonal capabilities of tom and snare heads.


What problems does each drummer face nowadays, especially while installing the drumhead on the shell? The drumhead collar does not affix itself proportionally on the sleeve; once it has been fixed, tuning them is quite a task; the worst is when it is finally in tune and you want to tune it differently, you cannot because once the head has been stretched, it will only be comfortable in the pitch it was originally tuned at! Level 360 is a solution to all these problems. Additionally, this technology give the heads better tone as well.



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