Essential Practice Tips

Being a drummer is more than just a hobby; it is a lifestyle – one that takes a lot of commitment and diligence to succeed at. The result at the end, is immense. Being a drummer can be one of the most satisfying things one could do in his/her life. But to get to that level of musicianship, there is definitely a difference between a drummer who plays for a hobby, and a drummer who plays for a living. The big difference is the attitude and their practice habits.

So, take time out to practice and plan time to play. Practice time is an opportunity to work on your stick control, skills, and other techniques that you may want to learn or do it otherwise.

Jam time is the time to apply your newly learned and practised skills and put it to real applications. Most drummers allot a time to practice / play and end up just playing to a few of their favourite songs. Now, this is not a bad thing; however, you never really get that focused practice time alone.

Schedule a time in your week to practice, and a time to jam. This way you can sit down and focus on developing your independence, speed, as well as the control of your feet and sticks, without any distractions.

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