Epiphone Les Paul 100 for Beginners

As a beginner guitarist, who is just going to transition from an acoustic to an electric, it is very important to choose the right instrument but avoid burning the pocket at the same time. Gibson and Epiphone is a very old and reliable brand that makes quality instruments and has satisfied so many guitarist for years. The Les Paul 100 is a superb instrument for players looking for an affordable but reliable electric guitar that has the classic look, sound and feel of a Les Paul.

The Les Paul 100 is cut to the same specs as Les' 1952 original and has everything that new and professional guitarists look for in a quality instrument. The guitar only weighs 3.5 kilograms since it has a Mahogany body with a Maple top for the right amount of bite, a Rosewood fretboard with dot inlays. This is perfect for guitarists who enjoy playing hard rock and heavy metal as the 650R (Neck) and 700T (Bridge) Humbuckers are quite powerfull.

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