Entry Level Drum Kit


It is one of the biggest decisions that an aspiring drummer or their parents have to make, when considering to buy their 1st Drum Set.


There are a many factors that one has to consider like: Brand, Color, Wood, Accessibility to the shop, Teacher’s advice etc. before they actually decide the final one. To be honest, color should be the last option considered in the list and important factors like the wood and configuration (size) should be given a high priority. The sound of the kit depends on these factors. Most entry level kits are made of Basswood or Poplar Shell.
What does NOT come in the box, is sometimes more important know than what DOES! Usually, drum kits like the Mapex Tornado, Chancellor, Pearl Showcase come with the following:

Drums: 1 Bass Drum, 2 Rack Toms, 1 Snare, 1 Floor Tom

Hardware: Hi Hat Stand, Cymbal Stand, Single Bass Drum Pedal, Snare Stand, Drum Throne, Tom Holder for Rack Toms

Cymbals: Hi Hat Pair & Crash (Not available in Pearl Showcase)
A pair of sticks (which must be upgraded to a decent Promark or Similar 5A/7A size)


It is important to know that the quality of the above mentioned options will certainly be of entry level but is good enough to start the drumming journey.
At times, the drum throne is not provided along with the kit. Hence, one can buy a Mapex or a Chancellor drum throne separately.
Happy Drumming J
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