Drum Shells – Bubinga

Drums made from bubinga wood, or African rosewood as it is sometimes called, is more rare to come by and as such will come at a much higher price. Bubinga drums are most related to maple drums in tonality. Drums made of bubinga will feature a much darker sound, with a full, rich sustain, as well as a nice attack. These drums are actually a very nice choice due to their pleasing sound, and it is a wonder why more drums are not made from the wood. If you are looking for a different wood to use, I would encourage you to check out a line of bubinga wood kits.

African Mahogany is a relatively “soft” hardwood that offers a dramatic boost in lower frequencies. This bass boost effect is most likely due to its loosely packed cellulose network, which creates a natural resonator effect in the lower frequencies. This predisposition for powerful lows makes it the logical choice for the interior of 13” and larger toms.

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