Drum Racks – A Neat Way to Setup

Drum racks are one of the coolest and the most neatest ways to setup drums. Generally, when you want to add an extra tom to your existing 5 piece setup, that means an additional stand. This also applies for cymbals. Everytime you add another cymbal to your setup, that would mean adding up another cymbal stand to the setup. Each new stand added to the setup creates more mess on the floor.

A drum rack will allow you to clamp up as many toms and cymbal holders on the kit and will keep the floor clean. There are multiple ways of setting up racks. Racks can also help you make your kit look more fancy and add more swag to it. You can also combine racks to make a bigger rack and achieve a desired setup.

Racks like Pearl DR-503C, DR-501 or the Gibraltar Modular rack or the Spider Rack are easily available in the market. The rack will also allow you to lay down cables and microphones in a studio or at a live performance.

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