Drum Accessories: The Power of little things!

Every practise is as important as the main performance. You can have the best drum kit in the world but is it of any use if it breaks down in the middle of your performance? Absolutely NOT! This is where Stagg brings to you the little details that will help your drum kit in the long run. 

The cymbals are a very crucial part of any drum setup. It is therefore important to prevent the cymbals from keyholing.  The weight of the cymbals during its rapid movement, while being played, is what causes most of its damage. What starts off as a very small crack on its surface, eventually leads to its complete breakage.

Metal on metal components are a strict red flag for a drumkit! Stagg here plays a significant role in introducing an ideal solution for all your drum kit detailing. They have introduced “Stagg Cymbal Sleeve'' a plastic sleeve that you place on the cymbal stand below your cymbal. Stagg products assure their customers with supreme quality and long lasting durability.

Along with the cymbal sleeves, the top and bottom felts for all cymbals are also available. The “Stagg, Cymbal Washer, Felt” helps to hold the cymbals in place without any possible damages. These cymbal felts come in two packages i.e. a pack of four and pack of twenty. Here too, Stagg has taken care that none of their products are compromised on quality. Little things make a difference and Stagg takes care of these little things. Also available are the Stagg Hi hat clutch felt washer and Stagg Hi hat seat felt washer and are your best investment to put an end to these worries.

If you are a sound vendor, rehearsal studio owner or a professional drummer or even a beginner in the world of drums, these accessories are a must have for your drum kit. They will ensure and enhance the safety of your equipment. An essential you cannot afford to ignore.

You can buy all these little accessories that secure and enhance your drumkit on Furtados Online.

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