Double It Up!

Double bass (drum) style could be used in any genre of drumming to spice up your grooves. Many drummers usually look at the double bass as a heavy addition to any drum pattern, because most drummers incorporate that being into heavy metal, and speed drumming style of music. Because of this, the double bass technique has been labelled as a heavier style of drumming.

This is definitely not the case. Being able to incorporate the double bass drum into all styles of music is what adds a lot of fun and essence to the groove. Double bass option is veryversatile, and can be used as fillers or like a solo.

Initially, learning to play the double bass pedal may be slightly tricky. This is because you are looking to play with the non-leading feet, which is one of the weakest limbs to work on. When you practice the double bass, you usually play single or double stroke rolls on foot pedals, giving a heavy feel to the groove. What you need to realize is that these are just practice patterns designed to develop foot control as well as independence. There is much more you can play on the double bass drum than just solid strokes or rolls.

To choose a pedal to begin your journey in double bass playing you can look at various options from Mapex or Pearl, available in Furtados Store or even Furtados online store. The regular ones being Mapex P600TW or Pearl P-922.

Once you master the technique, you can upgrade the pedals to Pearl Eliminators, Mapex Falcon or the Tama Cobra Series.

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