D’Addario NYXL Electric Bass Strings : Now Available in India


I am sure most of you know that D’Addario released the NYXL (New York XL) Electric Guitar strings a few years back. The strings took the world by storm, because of its capability as a string set. Increased longevity, great tuning stability and more magnetic permeability to attain the sweet spot in the mid-high frequency range. Now, they have done the same for Bass strings, and is available in India.

NYXL Bass features high carbon NY Steel core wrapped with reformulated nickel-plated steel. This new construction delivers deep, powerful lows, focused punch, and accentuated harmonics. Designed for all playing styles, NYXL Bass provides more dynamic range and sustain than any other bass string.This is something that many bass players have been waiting for.

Please see below links to purchase these online:

NYXL45100 (4 string) – https://goo.gl/GtE3R9

NYXL45105 (4 string) – https://goo.gl/CPcamz

NYXL45130 (5 string) – https://goo.gl/MFZEZd

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