Change Those Tom Heads!


Since we tend to mostly utilize the bass and snare drum, we often forget the importance of changing tom heads. It's a very short term way of thinking, and can result in horrible sound quality of the toms during a sound check as compared to the bass and snare drum. If the snare or bass drum skin breaks, they have to be changed, no choice there. Does that mean one never changes the tom heads? The snare and bass drum checks are always very smooth, but when it comes to toms, we go looking out for tissue papers and tape! All the sound guy had to do was to change the tom heads in time. A short term look out will always cause this problem, which makes both, the drummer as well as the audience suffer. Unlike the snare or the bass drum skin, tom heads should always be changed together.

Thankfully, Evans Drumheads has tom packs available, which is much more affordable than buying them loose. These are available in G2, EC2 and Hydraulic Clears, in Hybrid (10”, 12”, 16”) as well as Standard (12”, 13”, 16”) setup. All these heads come equipped with Level 360 technology, so the collar of the head fits the sleeve more easily and the head is easy to tune and stays in tune more consistently.

If you would like to inquire about more options in tom packs, i.e. in size variation as well as Clears and Coated option, please write to [email protected]

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