Celebrating 40 Years of Spector Basses

Spector is a
bass guitar brand that needs no introduction. Stuart Spector started this dream
of producing the best basses in the world in his Brooklyn workshop around 1976.
We are in 2016 which makes it 40 years of its existence and it looks like it’s
only getting better. He wanted a smaller sleeker instrument unlike the
conventional designs.

He recruited the
one and only, Ned Steinberger who was a Brooklyn woodworker in his early days
to design an instrument that was better suited for the modern bassist. This
design, referred to as the Spector NS-1, took the bass world by storm upon its
release in 1977. With over 700 artists proudly endorsing the basses, I
genuinely feel that the number is only growing.

Spector’s extremely
comfortable and uniquely contoured body made it bassists’ favorite brand and quickly
became the choice of the world’s top bassists. As a bassist, I have actually
tried some of the models and I must say it is built like a rock. Be it the
entry level Korean models or the Euro models from Czech Republic.

Spector basses have established themselves as the authority on modern bass design globally. The price tag is high for the Indian market but it is a one-time investment which will take care of the job, genre no bar. I encourage all the bass enthusiasts to check out these basses at a Furtados store near you. I would like you all to join me in congratulating Spector basses on 40 years of their existence.

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