Black Country Customs Monolith Guitar Pedal

The dynamics of drive tone response

Drive tone is of primal concern to most guitar players. It has now become accessible to have a huge array of overdriven/distortions pedals to choose from in order to get the most ideal tone that shapes, defines and supports your tone as a guitar player. Many guitar pedal manufactures aspire to have their drive pedals emulated in similar fashion to their legendary amp counterparts.

Laney amplification has very recently introduced a new premium line of guitar amps and pedals under the series known as Black Country Customs.

Black Country Customs is basically handcrafted in the UK and is perceived as a boutique amp solution that has highest quality components. With the recent introduction of their massive Class AB amps they have also released affordable versions of this enormous tone in the pedal format.

One such pedal that has been introduced very recently is the Monolith drive pedal.

The BCC monolith is basically positioned as a pedal that feeds on the dynamics of your picking attack based on 3 different modes of distortion. The tri colored LED helps you get a great visual reference between the following modes.

1. Heavily compressed distortion mode

2. Overdrive Distortion mode

3. Soft compressed distortion mode


Besides these above mode controls it has giant vintage amp knobs on the pedal to tune in the Drive, Volume, Range and Tone. The drive increase would increase the amount of saturation in your tone adding more gain to it. The tone knob would shape your tone from 0 being bass heavy to 10 being treble heavy. Leaving this knob at 5 would be perfect if you want a great mid-attack with balanced highs and lows. The volume knob controls the master volume of this unit.

The range knob is the most interesting knob that determines the dynamic range of your guitar tone before it hits your distortion. It determines what frequencies should be present in your signal. When the range is set to 0 your tone will have the entire frequency which may be too airy and have a lot of presence. As this knob is turned up higher it tightens up your tone by reducing the dynamic frequency. The more you turn up the range, the more you are tightening up the web of your frequency response. Maintaining an ideal balance could be very crucial in context to the sound you are looking for. A general word of advice would be to set all your knobs to 5 on 10 to get a healthy balanced tone in place at first and then gradually make adjustments towards the desired sonic space.

The built and construction of these pedals have a solid metal chassis and take a lot of beating for touring guitarist. The low battery consumption feature is perfect if you would prefer to use it as a portable option. The silent switching feature is great while you’re playing in a really quiet room or a studio.

Guitarist’ looking to dig hard into those riffs are going to enjoy the expressive response that they hear from their tone. The dynamic expression in both low gain and high gain stages are definitely worth paying attention to.

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