Benefits of buying an expensive guitar!

The battle of price preference when purchasing any musical instrument is a perpetual one. The same is very true when it comes to picking the perfect guitar. Most of the time, in a head over heart situation we tend to compromise for the difference in price but settling for a cheaper priced guitar is not the best solution. HERE IS WHY!

Buying a lower priced guitar instead of an expensive model may save you some money temporarily but in the long run the constant upgrades will eventually cost you more than ever. Today guitarists have a huge array of options to choose from but very few understand what they are settling for when they buy cheaper models. Price should not be the main factor when investing in a musical instrument.

An elementary difference between lower and higher end guitars is the quality of wood used. Keep in mind that lower priced instruments will often use layers of wood while more expensive instruments will be made of solid wood. This makes a big difference in how the sound travels and thereby the sound generated from your instrument. Therefore, a higher end guitar richer quality of wood will give the instrument better music. This is an elementary factor and most important factor to consider. This also directly affects the lifetime of your guitar. Hence, when we invest in an expensive guitar we are investing in better quality and a companion for years to come.

When you invest in an expensive guitar you are not only getting the best quality of wood available but also benefiting from the intricate attention of the handmade design. Handmade instruments appreciate the test of time. They sound more mature when they age and have a true richness in their tone that gives you full value for your money.

An easy way to make cheaper priced guitars is to compromise on the quality of hardware attached to it. Hardware used on cheaper guitars tends to rust easily and become really hard to operate. Machine heads, tuning pegs and guitar bridges, knobs, switches, jacks are also areas in which manufacturers’ compromise on quality in order to make instruments affordable. This also applies to electronics that may be fitted on the guitar. The more expensive your guitar is the more attention is given to smaller details. You definitely need to factor durability and reliability in the hardware of your guitar unless you are okay with spending money and making those hardware upgrades. This is expensive in the long run and also not very advisable for your instrument maintenance.

Lastly, if you own an expensive guitar you are drawn to spend more time with it considering the investment you have made. It is certainly very motivating to play on an instrument that is designed to perfection.

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