Basics of Servicing Your Electric Guitar

Maintaining the Wood

What you need: Lemon oil, guitar polish, cleaning cloth

A lubricant such as lemon oil does a decent job in cleaning your fret board and removing those dirty sweat marks. Liquids such as carnauba wax work nicely in polishing your guitar finish and giving it that shine it deserves. Try to clean your guitar at least once a month as it is likely to attract dust and rust when exposed to various environments. Use a clean cloth to apply these liquids in order to ensure you keep your guitar in the best condition possible.

Adjusting Your Hardware 

What you need: Screwdriver, a coin

A screwdriver always comes in handy for multiple purposes. It helps adjust your intonation in case you face any such issues. You can use a screwdriver to increase/decrease your pickup height in case you are having issue in your output. Some guitars have different screw heads in their hardware, so you need to find the right one that serves your purpose. 

A coin is really helpful in making bridge height adjustments to stop tail bridges, allowing you to set your action at a perfect height, but for other bridges you would just need a regular screwdriver.

Truss Rod Adjustment

What you need: Allen Keys

In case, your guitar truss rod gets warped, you should have one of these. Although, this operation is rather complex and should be handled by a service technician. You could try to read up about concave and convex shaped fretboards to understand this better. This could help you make minor adjustments, in case of any emergency.

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