Basic Guide to Drum Heads

To begin with; drum head, drum skin, drum parchment, all mean the same thing! Orginally, they were made of animal skin (raw hide) mainly used for percussion instruments. Currently, most of them are made of synthetic material. There are many brands that make drum heads, but the ones easily available in our market are Evans, Remo and unbranded ones.

One should know that there isn’t any head termed as ‘the correct one’. The decision of taking the drum head is based on many factors like, personal choice, style of music, etc.

The most important category is to know the difference between the batter head and the resonant head. Batter is the one your play (beat) on and the Resonant is the one you DON’T play on. Once you have understood this, going through the below sub categories will be easier.

General categories in which drum heads are available across all brand are:

Clear – (Evans EC2 Clear – usually works best for Toms)

Coated/Frosted (Evans G2 Coated – good for Toms)

No. of Ply (Single/Double) (Evans J1 or Remo Ambassador)

Hydraulics (Evans Hydraulics or Remo Black Suede)

Snare (Evans Power Centre or Remo Emperor)

Bass drum (Evans EMAD or Remo Powerstorke) 

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