Artist Spotlight – Louiz Banks

One might be familiar with the lines “melody creates magic” but not often do we get to live that expression. LOUIZ BANKS – A musician that lives and creates the very essence of magic in music. 

Louiz Banks is a musician that needs no introduction. A music composer, a pianist, a keyboard player and most of all a distinguished JAZZ ARTISTE. He specializes in live acoustic and electronic performances covering all genres of music from popular to mainstream. He is a master of contemporary jazz and indo jazz fusion. 


Napalese by family lineage, halling from Kolkata, Louiz started his music career under the Louiz Banks Brotherhood. During the time, this band was cutting edge in the jazz and pop scene. These were humble beginnings, this was the start of something great to come – spreading music in every corner of not just India but the world! It was the 70s when Louiz got his well deserved recognition on the big screen.


Louiz Banks has created a tremendous amount of music and has worked closely with great music directors of the Bollywood industry. He is the man behind the much talked about Mile Sur Mera Tumhara. With the 80s, Louiz’s interest in electronic instruments grew deeper. It was then the blue eyed boy of advertising was born. Louiz Banks has heavily influenced and contributed to the advertising industry.


With a vision in mind and utmost attention to detail, Louiz orchestrated fusion music for the world to experience. Pursuing this, he spearheaded the fusion movement bringing together some of the finest musicians – Braz Gonsalves, Ranjit Barot, Karl Peters, TAS Mani & Ramamani with KCP and Charlie Mariano. Thus creating a fusion in all its essence… musicians and music alike, SANGAM, the band was born. 

Over the years, Louiz has performed with the world's finest jazz musicians creating music and exciting memories, representing and making India proud. Louiz has performed in many parts of Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and USA and took his music to a global level. Tales of which inspire every budding musician. 


With his love for music and hands that play heavenly jazz, Louiz travelled the world composing, performing and mastering jazz music. 

As Louiz Banks transformed the commercial music industry, his heart always leaned towards creating Melodies and Improvisation in Jazz. Melodies that indeed create Magic.

Art in every form creates happiness for an artist. This is very true for Louiz Banks, who is an extremely talented and dedicated painter.

Louiz Banks journey from a band leader to the most important face in India for Jazz Music is nothing short of an inspiration to every music lover that aspires to imprint the music industry. Read about him and his life’s work in the book, Louiz Banks: A symphony of Love by Ashis Ghatak. 

Louiz proudly plays Korg & Yamaha.

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