An Affordable and safe solution for your keyboard

STAGG is a Belgium multi category musical instrument super brand that never fails to impress. Every bit of their music instruments and equipment are designed and tailored to perfection. One such classical design product is the ultimate portable keyboard case by Stagg. In two words, this keyboard case is super durable and super affordable!


The awesome part of the Stagg keyboard case is that while it's built like a truck, it is extremely ergonomic and actually pretty light.  The outer shell is designed for its durability that ensures a tight fight to the keyboard inside. The key feature of safety however is its 4 metal locking latches that locks it firmly!

Let’s have a look inside and understand its modular structure and how it serves from 49 keys to 88 keys with ease and comfort. This is the biggest USP of the product. In this case, one size truly fits all!


Features at a glimpse:

  • Rugged, medium-weight, plastic ABS square-shaped molded case with strong, extruded aluminum edging and 4 metal locking latches.
  • User friendly system for customizing case interior with high-density pre-cut foam blocks and wedges to match keyboard size, plus 2 wave foam layers and 4 high density foam pads to protect and secure your instrument
  • 3 metal handles with rubber grip and 2 in-line wheels for easy transportation
  • Outer dimensions (L*W*P): 3*19*7 inches / 160*53*18 cm
  • Inner dimensions (L*W*P): 59*17*5.5 Inches / 149*43*14 cm (max) and 51*12*5.5 in./ 130*30*14 cm (min)

Please note: The inner dimensions are important for you to compare the size of your keyboard and customize space accordingly.

It's time to make your travelling and musical dreams turn into a combo! It's time to buy the Stagg keyboard case!

For bulk Requirements please write to [email protected]

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