All You Need: 60 minutes of Practice


There is a simple truth when you are a guitarist who wants to get better: you have to practice. Many aspiring musicians who pick the guitar find it hard to make time for their instrument on a daily basis and they eventually give it up as they get demotivated by not being able to perform better. All because they did not practice enough.

You can change this and start with a dedicated routine so that you are focused on the many aspects of playing your guitar. If you dedicate an hour of your day at least 3-5 times a week, it will hone your skills as you get closer to your goals. All you need to start with is a “song” that you would like to learn so that your are automatically motivated to learn it every time you do this session. You could make your own challenges and consider following this routine and make it interesting enough for you to make more time to learn more songs.

First 10mins- Warm up
Just have fun with your instrument. It doesn't matter whether what you play sounds right or wrong. Just make sure you are setup well and feeling comfortable! This part of the exercise is just to warm up and stretch your fingers without having any plan so that you can get into full gear for what is up next! By now you should know what song you need to learn!

Between 11mins-30mins- Practice to Metronome
The most important aspect of practice is to build discipline. Playing to a metronome imbibes this very quality and helps you keep time with a beat. Try to learn either a scale or a mode or a finger exercise. You will find this kind of material on the internet fairly easily.
Always remember to start with a slower tempo to begin with and then gradually build up to a higher tempo as you are able to see yourself progress ahead.

Between 31mins-50mins- Learn your song!
This is fun part of the learning. Once you select your song you are motivated to learn you must find a way to slow down the tempo of your song so that you can learn them slowly to begin with and then gradually move to the actual tempo of the song. If the song is popular you could even find tutorial videos of it online. It is okay if you do not finish the song in these 20mins as you can re-start learning the same song in your next session.

Between 51-60- Unwind!
This is the most important and reflective part of your hour. You basically have to tune out from everything and be free of discipline! Use this part to just experiment and see where your learnings have taken you and you will notice that you were able to play things that you never previously thought you could!

Happy playing!


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