A Reason to Practice More


Do you enjoy playing your guitar and want to play more but cannot find any time to? Finding short span of time in between your day could very well do some good for you, if you cannot find time for long sessions. If time is a major constraint in your daily life then you should at least set a minimum practice time in a day. So that you can stay in touch with your instrument. A simple routine of minimum 15 minutes of your morning and 15 minutes before going to bed will surely help you keep abreast with your skills.

It could sometimes becomes annoying if those precious 15-20 minutes get lost in setting up and hence you should aim to make your instrument really accessible and within your reach. It would be advisable to get a guitar stand in your room so that you have immediate access to your guitar at all times. It is also advisable to play your instrument regularly so that your guitar wood gains maturity as opposed to it sitting in a gigbag getting warped and rusty. You could also consider a guitar wall mount as an alternate option to this approach. It may very well save you space as well as be an attractive part of your room decor that will more often inspire you to pick up your guitar and continue playing!

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