A Glance through the PRS SE Custom 24 Floyd Rose Model

PRS have re launched their models for 2017 and changed quite a few things on their SE line of guitars. One of the models that saw this change was the SE Custom 24 Floyd Rose.

To begin with, this 2017 SE version now has Paul Reeds Signature on the headstock! The new 30th Anniversary 85/15 “S” pickups seem to have an amazing tonal characteristic. The push-pull on these pickups will let you split your humbuckers into single-coil pickups as well thus giving you the best of both worlds!

The most beautiful part of this instrument is the way the Beveled Maple Veneer top feels in your hands. The Mahogany body gives it the right amount of warmth that brings out those delicious high-mid and low-mid frequencies that make your guitar tone sound pretty rich!

Being an SE model, this tends to come at an affordable price for the semi-pro musician considering you are an avid floyd rose user. The nickel hardware on this guitar also seems to be enchanced with sturdiness and precision.

The neck on this instrument is a wide thin type from PRS. This neck structure is perfect for those who want to seek a perfect balance for playing chords at the lower frets and those high shredding solos all the way up to 24 frets!

Like with any other floyd rose bridge setup, this one too requires a little more effort towards maintenance but if you know how to get that sorted, this guitar will sing like a dream!

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