A drums guide to excellence

Groove and posture are two extremely subtle yet crucial aspects of a drummer’s life. The primary responsibility before anything else is to sit and lay down a steady drum beat for the band, based on the song or genre. This helps lay a strong foundation to one’s overall performance.

Remember to set this up before the drum fills, so you should understand "groove" thoroughly and be able to lay an epic backbeat down like. Drum fills are secondary and account for about 20% of a song. Together, the magic in a performance is escalated to another level.

A key trick to perfection is not to forget to use a metronome in your drum practice sessions. It is advisable to practice the groove slowly (70-80bpm) so that every aspect of the groove is worked upon well. This will help ensure accuracy and improve your playing. A metronome used while practice sessions will help perfect your entire music performance for the big day.

 “Posture” is one of the most overlooked aspects of drumming. Never neglect the importance of having the right posture for your recital. Sit up straight when you're playing the drums so your back is aligned properly.

Another really important tip for every musician is to be able to stand above the crowd. This means, make your own unique statement. Set up your drums differently than other drummers.  A signature style runs a long way.  Maybe when putting your drum set together for the first time, you can experiment with the best possible standard setup that you are comfortable with. Then, try out different drum setups like reversing your toms, using only 1 rack tom, adding a cowbell, timbale, or an extra snare drum etc.

These basic tips when practiced on a daily basis can elevate one's performance and outlook towards music to a whole new level. Implement them and see the magic happen!



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