Bartok B, Suite Op 14 -Piano Solo -Urtext

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The four-movement Suite op. 14 was composed in 1916 and was one of Bartók’s favourite piano works throughout his life. Unlike in his other works for piano of these years, he did not use any folksong melodies or folkloristic elements here. Instead, he endeavoured to achieve a new, more “abstract”, transparent piano style that forgoes ornament and embellishment. A special feature of this Henle edition is the appendix with an additional Andante movement that was originally intended to come before the Scherzo, but which Bartók removed from the Suite only shortly before its publication in 1918. The Urtext edition of this important work in the concert repertoire follows the musical text of the Bartók Complete Edition. It has been edited by perhaps the most distinguished Bartók scholar in the world today, László Somfai, who has also written the comprehensive introduction to the work, and who offers helpful suggestions regarding its interpretation. ISBN: 9790201814032 HN1403

Bartok B, Suite Op 14 -Piano Solo -Urtext
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