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T C Electronic, Vintage Pre Drive Pedal

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Product Description:

The VPD1 vintage pre–drive pedal is a lot more than just an overdrive. With the additional boost section, top and mid boost, remote control, and a vintage–type speaker simulation, VPD1 is a genuinely versatile guitar pedal. Our scientists designed the VPD1 to reproduce warm driven vintage tones that you would normally only get from a tube amp with the master volume turned all the way up.

Simplicity, great sound, and timeless design make up the holy trinity of the VPD1 vintage pre–drive pedal. This pedal is all about bringing out the best in your favorite guitar/amp setup without any unwanted coloring of tone or quality–compromising add–ons. VPD1 would therefore serve as an excellent companion for the G–System from TC Electronic. The basic drive section delivers a distinguished vintage overdrive allowing every characteristic of your instrument to shine through. When you kick in the boost section, you get a saturated lead sound with plenty of gain and sustain. Additional features on the boost section are the Top and Mid boost emphasis filters that let your tone really cut through.

VPD1 features a unique circuit, which accurately replicates every group of components in an original vintage tube amp combo, including the dynamic interaction that occurs between the components. In addition to the drive functionality, VPD1 actually serves as a small preamp, ranging sonically from barely audible overdrive to snarling leads – and beyond.

In the VPD1 signal path, the boost section is placed before the drive, which means that the boosted guitar signal not only sounds louder but also sounds more overdriven. This makes it ideal for switching from rhythm to lead guitar. The remote function even allows you to switch the VPD1 boost on and off with the new G–System from TC Electronic, or any other external relay switching device. For your convenience, we™ve also included top and mid boost switches for a more flexible sonic exploitation of the VPD1.

The VPD1 sports an integrated speaker filter that makes it very useful for studio sessions and home practice. The speaker filter, which can be bypassed at a flick of a switch, is based on the same research as the VPD1 Drive, and underlines the vintage qualities of the new TC pedal.
  • Remote Control Connection “ seamless integration with G–System.
  • Boost “ when activated the drive channel is driven harder giving more overdrive.
  • Flat / Top Boost / Mid Boost “ selector.
  • Boost Channel switch.
  • Drive – sets amount of drive on the drive channel.
  • Level – Sets the Output level of the pedal when active.
  • Bass – Bass attenuation for the Boost channel.
  • SPK SIM – Speaker Simulation – The filter simulates the frequency response of a vintage–style guitar speaker.
  • Tone – Use the Tone control to attenuate high–end frequencies. The Tone control operates on both channels.
  • Boost LED – Indicates when VPD1 is in Boost mode.
  • On LED – Indicates when VPD1 is active.

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T C Electronic, Vintage Pre Drive Pedal
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