Payment Help

Credit / Debit Card

Your credit card transaction is getting more secure. Simply register with your card-issuing bank on their website and get your password. With effect from 1st Aug 2010, as per the RBI guidelines, this password would be mandatory for online transactions. You may continue & register while you pay or choose any other payment option below.

EMI facility available on purchases above Rs.5,000/-/-

If you are a HDFC Bank Credit card holders, then you can pay the amount via EMI facility.

1) 3 Months EMI (Processing fee : 1.05%)

2) 6 Months EMI (Processing fee : 3.50%)

Visa calls its service "Verified by Visa" (VBV) while MasterCard users will be offered the "SecureCode". A number of banks also refer to this as 3D Secure Service

Payment transaction done through secured encrypted payment gateway.