Author: Vignesh Venkatraman

D’Addario Strings – Play Real!

Furtados Music India Ltd. is the sole importer of D'Addario strings, to provide to the Indian Market. Counterfeit D’Addario Strings, although limited, is an issue we take very seriously. For several years, we have been affixing a special “peel off” destructive hologram sticker on each string set. However, many consumers are still unaware of the… Continue reading D’Addario Strings – Play Real!

Author: Reinhardt Dias

K&M’s Universal Tablet Holder

Today more musicians are relying on Tablets to control apps that will enhance their performance. Some of us use apps to control digital instruments/effects, while some may use it to read notations, structures, setlist and then there are those who use it to read lyrics. You would definitely feel uncomfortable holding a tablet in your hand during… Continue reading K&M’s Universal Tablet Holder

Author: Nishith Hegde

Choose the Right Pick-Up for Your Electric Guitar

Many people today buy electric guitars that are affordable just to start off with. But when they reach a point where they have progressed from the beginner stage to the intermediate stage, the need for a better guitar tone or a better guitar for that matter is felt. A new guitar altogether might be an… Continue reading Choose the Right Pick-Up for Your Electric Guitar

Author: Mangesh Gandhi

Protecting Your Guitar from Humidity

Understanding Relative Humidity: The amount of vapour that the air can hold depends on the temperature. At warmer temperature, the air can hold more moisture as compared to the air in colder temperature. The measurement of the amount of moisture that the air can hold at a certain temperature when expressed in percentage is called,… Continue reading Protecting Your Guitar from Humidity

Author: Roop Thomas

Hercules Stands Loyalty Corner

Hercules stands have everything that you're looking for, when you talk about the best stands in the musical instruments industry, globally. What more interesting is that the artists who trust this brand are not small time bands or musicians. You will automatically be impressed to know that they cater to some of the best brass bands… Continue reading Hercules Stands Loyalty Corner